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Cage Cards

Every cage is required to have a cage card.

  • This is an index card that can be of any color.

  • The card must include a PI (i.e., Beenhakker) sticker at the top.

  • Include mouse information (e.g., strain, DOB).

  • Below the sticker, also include your unique ID (e.g., mpb01).

  • Also include the genotype/strain.

  • If the cage only contains 1 mouse (i.e., "single housed"), then the cage card also requires a yellow dot sticker. Please note that singly housed mice require a minimum of 2 enrichment devices (e.g., paper cup, piece of wood).

  • Example:







Every mouse that has had a surgery requires its own surgery card.

  • This is always a red card.

  • This card includes surgical information.

  • Animals receiving surgery must be checked every post-operative day for 6 days. Therefore, the card must be filled out for each of the 6 post-operative days.

    • Day 1 = day of surgery.

  • If a cage contains multiple mice with surgeries, then the cage must have multiple surgery cards, one for each animal.​​

  • Example:





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