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To Use:

  1. Go beenhakkerlab google account (password: 5017pinn5017).

  2. Go to google calendar

  3. Reserve time on the Stereotax calendar.

To Clean:

  1. Turn off the oxygen tank.

  2. Turn off the power supply.

  3. Clean the stereotax:

    1. clean the stage, ear bars, rectal probe, and anesthesia chamber,

    2. spray the surgery area and the table with 70% ethanol and paper towels. 

  4. Clean up tools:

    1. remove tissue/blood stains, wash with water, dry with paper towels, put the tools back to the box.

  5. Fill out the surgery card & the surgery log and upload to FishFish.

  6. Place the animal in the EEG room.

  7. This is how the Stereotax should look when you are done:

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