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Exercise Two: The Action Potential


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Make sure initial conditions are correct

  • Type runXoltolRun in the Matlab command window.

  • Select Exercise Two button.

  • Set initial conditions:

    • Current Injection: 0 pA

Please complete Exercise One:


Exercise Two

In this exercise, you will multiple simulations wherein you systematically increase the amount of current you inject into the recorded neuron. You will begin with injecting 0 pA and make some initial measurements.

Once you have measured the response following 0 pA current injection, you will re-run the simulation (runXolotlRun) with increasing levels of current.


1. Run through the simulations with gradually increasing current injection values. Following each run, measure the relative change in the neuron's membrane potential in response to the current injection.

The relative change in voltage is measure as follows:

(a) Measure the membrane potential before the current injection pulse.

(b) Measure the maximum membrane potential (i.e., most depolarized potential) during the current injection.

(c) The relative change in membrane potential is equal to the difference between (a) and (b). 

Measure & add your relative membrane potential changes for the following current injection values:​


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