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Virtual Desktop With TigerVNC

  • First open up a terminal with MobaXterm and log into the server.

  • Execute the following command:

    • vncserver -localhost no​

    • The command prompt will return information. Take note of the first line. For example:

      • New Xtigervnc server 'fishCube:3 (mark)' on port 5903 for display :3.

      • The number that is returned ('3' or '5903') tells you which session you created. Remember this number.

  • Once created, you can close down your terminal. You own that session until you explicitly kill it (command: vncserver -kill :3) or the server restarts.​​

  • Launch TigerVNC to get the following console:

  • In the dialog box, type the following:

    • fishCube:590X

      • X is your session number. For example, following the previous example, you would type: fishCube:5903

    • If that doesn't work, then try using: serverIP:590X

  • Hit Connect and your session should launch (eventually).

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