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Connecting To Our Servers


You can connect to the server in multiple ways:

  1. Command Line Interface (CLI)

    • Try Mobaxterm (download).

    • Follow this link to establish a terminal. 

  2. Create and use a virtual desktop

    • Try TigerVNC (download).

      • Download: vncviewer64-1.13.1.exe

    • Follow this link to establish a virtual desktop

  3. Windows File Share Samba​

    • ​Follow this link to map a network drive​

  4. Mac File Share

    • Follow this link to map a network drive

  5. Important considerations:

    • If you're on grounds, then you should either connect on the EduRoam network (if using WiFi) or tell Mark to open up the firewall (if using a physical connection).​

      • ​ The server's firewall must be open to your specific connection portal. If your connection is refused, then ask Mark. The following command can be used to open the firewall to a specific port:

        • sudo ufw allow from YOUR IP to any port XXXX.

          • XXXX refers to the port. Here are some useful ports:​

            • 590X: VNC​

            • 22: ssh (i.e., terminal)

            • 445 samba (file sharing)

    • If you're off grounds, then connect to UVA's network using Cisco's VPN Client software (link to install)

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